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The Mac OS X build of Gate 88 is here! Scramble over to the downloads page and grab it now!


The new version (dated Mar19/05) is now available for download!

This version focuses on fixing major stability bugs that were present in the previous versions. Once stability is confirmed, the Mac OSX port will commence.

Major changes include:

  • Fixed FPS Drop:
    Fixed the choppiness that occured after a few minutes of joining a multiplayer games.
  • Fixed Crash When Private Messeging
    Fixed the occasional crash that occured when players opened the private message menu.
  • Increased Initial Resources
    The starting amount of resources was increased. This is actually a big improvement to the gameplay as it allows for multitude of opening strategies. For instance, it's now possible to drop a full company of fighter yards right from the get go.
  • Added Colour Test Mode
    A colour test mode was added to make colour modification easier. Just run the included colour test shortcut (or for Linux users).

Check the changelog for a complete list of changes.